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Medikal leech and their use.

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Treatment with leeches and hydrogen peroxide Currently, we are back to the old, proven treatments for centuries. This often compels us inefficient use of chemotherapeutic agents and their negative side effects on the human body. Medical leeches — a sure way to cure the majority of acute and chronic diseases known to modern medicine. Name the term "girudoterapija" received the word "hirudin, which is a component of leech extract. On the application of leeches to treat a man already known from the sources of ancient Egypt, and India. Leech quickly and accurately detects biochemical changes in the body and regulates the basal metabolic rate. Girudoterapii advantage over other methods of treatment consists primarily in the fact that the leech effect on the basic mechanisms of disease — ischemia and gipeksiyu tissue disorders of microcirculation, reversing the process and interrupting pathological chain of events in the outbreak of the disease. In the leech arranged everything necessary for human life support biologically active substances that must be found in dozens of plants and bee products to be then difficult to individual recipes. Leech performs once multifunctional effects on the body, both local and general. The mechanism of therapeutic effects of leeches explained by the interaction of three factors: bactericidal (kills in blood pathogens and viruses, cleaning the blood), enzymatic (contain in the extract more than one hundred and forty of biologically active substances) and energokorrektiruyuschie effects on the body (leading to a normal state energy organism, "aura" that suffers from corruption, evil eye, negative emotions, and so etc.) Supergiperergichesky type of response until after the initial state after 30 minutes after the leeches To better understand the mechanism of action of leeches, it is very important to understand that there are areas on the skin, communicating with a pool of blood supply of the internal organs through the blood vessels. These zones are used leeches for transport of biologically active substances in the affected organ. Leech is a natural natural "pharmacy" of man. It selectively enters into the bloodstream its components, depending on the individual patient. Leech heals no symptoms, and eliminates the causes of disease, cleanses the body of toxins and poisons, updates sclerosal blood vessels, restores the capillaries, improving blood flow to organs and tissues, are three times more human immunity. At the same pathogens in human blood-golden stafillokokk, hemolytic streptococcus, typhoid bacillus, treponema pallidum, chlamydia, and others are not only suppressed, but also destroyed. Leech feels perfectly human energy field and is able to positively influence it. In the treatment she chooses a biologically active points of the body. Results of treatment of leech positive for all diseases of human systems and organs. This disease: cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, skin and subcutaneous tissue, eczema, psoriasis, etc. g., vascular diseases of extremities, proctological, urology, gynecology, trauma of the disease, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, eye diseases, diseases of the ear, nose and throat, hormonal disorders, allergies, diseases of the mouth, hair loss, etc. Leech — an indispensable tool for the treatment and prevention of stroke, heart attack, various vascular thrombosis, acute radiculitis, sciatica, hepatitis, pancreatitis, stomach ulcer, colon, hemorrhoids, painful menstruation, broken bones, bruises, osteochondrosis, prostatitis and prostate adenoma, glaucoma, sinusitis , insomnia, diseases of the mouth, tumors, assists in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco dependence, etc. Not recommended for use leeches in hemophilia, pregnancy, exhaustion patient. There is a positive result of the treatment of certain cancers, mastitis, uterine fibroids, resorption of kidney stones, the regeneration of removal of the ovaries, uterus, treatment of infertility, impotence and frigidity, germofroditizma. Manifests and cosmetic effects: smooths skin and wrinkles, leaving acne, pigmentation. Currently, an extract from leeches produce cosmetic and medicinal ointments. Under intense mental stress leech increases efficiency, improves memory, learning information, reduces fatigue. Perfect for smoothing the flow of menopause for both sexes to increase spermatogenesis and oocyte maturation in young people before conceiving a child, etc. The therapeutic effect of leech lasted six months or more. It is advisable to carry out preventive course girudoterapii 1-2 times a year. It must be remembered that before and during treatment should not take alcohol, coffee, have excessive exercise. Leeches are used once and then disposed of. Kirovograd ul. 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